Horwath HTL Beijing office

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  Hotel Investment Consultant or Analyst in Horwath HTL Beijing office

[Number of Candidates]

  2-3 candidates


  1.Applicants need to have a Bachelor degree with a major in hospitality or tourism.

  2.Applicants should be able to demonstrate superior analytical skills, knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and PPT, and strong writing abilities.

  3.Strong Chinese and English language skills, both written and spoken 

  4.Self-motivated /self-starter.

  5.Must have an ability to travel regularly for projects

[Position Requirements]

The successful candidates will be trained and responsible for the preparation of feasibility studies, business plans and appraisal reports for hotel, motel and resort properties. The preparation of reports includes:

  • Fieldwork 
  • Travel
  • Property inspections
  • Area interviews
  • Analysis 
  • Review of property's financial statements and other relevant documents
  • Use of Microsoft Excel models and in-house databases
  • Report Writing
  • Use of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Includes developing graphics/maps and formatting
  • Requires strong writing skills



We offer very competitive salary and bonus plan to successful candidates.

[How to apply]

For anyone who would like to   apply for the job, they are encouraged to send their CV to the following

email yczhu@horwathhtl.com  with a   headline of Apply for Consultant in Horwath HTL, referred by Jackie   Zhao.

More company information can be found via http://www.chatchina.com.cn/ and http://www.horwathhtl-cn.com/.